Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3

So the spending freeze is off to a less than stellar start.

I spent $10.18 on non approved expenses (pillows for my family) yesterday. I will also be getting 2% cash back from ebates and the regular price of the pillows was $38.82 so I saved $28.82 on something we needed but did not plan for spending on this week.

I also spent $36 on approved spending groceries.

I budgeted $200 for the next 4 weeks I have $166 left

Today I bought
3 12 pks of Mountain dew (for Mike I am giving up soda this year) $6 after coupons
2 64 oz bottles of Juciy Juice $1 after coupons
2 boxes of Poptarts $2.04 after coupons
2 boxes of eggos waffles $2.44 after coupons
1 bag of goldfish cracker $1.66
1 box oreos for Thing1's school snacks $2.57 after coupon
1 container Ice tea mix $4.49 after coupon
1 box cold brew tea bags $2.49
1 container target brand crystal light $3.44
2 boxes of bisquick $3.18 after coupons
1 bottle ortega taco sauce $1.24
6 cans swanson broth $1.98 after coupon
1 box bandaids $.89
1 loaf of bread $1.59

Everyone should be happy with their snacks this week. The freezer is full.

The only other purchases that need to be made are Toilet paper and Diapers (neither on the approved spending list OOPS)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well we are starting off the decade right.
Our approved spending list for the next month is
Groceries $200 max
bills (most are auto pay)
gas for the cars

$1 plastic box for the playmobile accessories crap and a Present for my dad $20

$1000 in savings
Hammer down our debt (totals and debt ticker are coming soon)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back on the wagon

Well I have done a number of things this past year towards simplifying our life but we are not where I want to be yet. So here is our fresh beginning. I am hoping to get better at tracking and blogging about it as well.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Approved spending list

I figures I might as well be realistic and as much as I want to be on a complete spending freeze with only money coming in. That is not going to happen. I still need to pay the bills as they come in, feed the children, get to work and eat. So I am allowing for the minimum spending.
Here is what is allowed
Doctor Co-pays
Gas for the car
Lunch meat and Bread
Prescription co-pays
And Shipping for items that have already been paid for by co-op but are expected to be here this week.

Yesterday no money was spent. So far so good.

I have allowed $10 per week for Mike as he is not quite ready to go cold Turkey.

Next up getting Microsoft money up and running to track our spending and savings better.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Ready for the New Year

Well tomorrow is the official start of the spending freeze. Mike is on board with the big freeze. I think we are finally ready to face our financial demons. The approved expenses right now are shipping for a few items that have already been paid for thru some co-ops. Milk, Gas for the cars towards the end of the 3 week freeze and prescriptions. Our HSA account will be renewed tomorrow so we will be using that to fill our medications. I am getting ready to start my price book for our groceries, seeking out coupons for items that we use as I have gotten away from that, and looking forward to purging our house of unnecessary things. I am hoping to build up a saving account for us as well as pay down our debt.
We are also going to balance our checkbook regularly with Microsoft Money so we can see where the money goes.

Until tomorrow then. Happy New Year.